Lesson for June 20, 2020.


Scripture Reading: Revelation 15th Chapter

Memory Verse: Revelation 15:2

  1. By whom does this wrath to be poured upon the earth?  Rev. 15:1;16:1.
  2. Before this judgment is poured upon the wicked, what worldwide message goes forth? Rev. 14:9,10

Note: The heavenly Father has always warned people before bringing judgment upon them. It is His loving desire that people live happily and in obedience to His will. He warned Sodom and Gomorrah, before they were overthrown; He warned Tyre and Sidon; He warned Nineveh and Babylon.

  1. What did the voice out of the temple in heaven say to the seven angels, and upon whom do the plagues fall? Rev. 16:1,2.
  2. What is the nature of each plague? Rev.16:3-14.

Note: The place called “Armageddon” is in the valley of Jezreel, about fifty miles North West of Jerusalem.

  1. Who wins in this battle and how? Rev 16:17-21
  2. What is the general condition of the people of the whole earth when these judgments commence? Isa. 42:4,5;26:21;Matt. 24:37-39

Note: We are told that in the days of Noah, wickedness was great on the earth and that “every imagination of the thoughts of men’s heart’s was only evil continually-.” Gen 6:5

  1. Will the righteous people suffer from these plagues, Psalms 91:3-11
  2. Did the plagues which fall upon Egypt fall upon the Israelites? Ex. 8:22; 9:6, 26; 10:23; 11:7.

Note. The cause of these plagues upon Egypt was their treatment of Israel, and because Pharaoh would not let the people go.

  1. Where did John see those that had gotten the victory over the beast and over his name? Rev. 15:2, 3

Note: There are many different opinions as to where this sea of glass is, that is a place  of refuge, where the plagues are not going to fall.

  1. When the angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters, what did the angel of waters say?  Rev. 16:5-7
  2. When the last plague fall what will one class of the people of the earth do? Rev 16:21.
  3. How were the events that happened to the children of Israel associated with that  will take place in the end of this age? 1 Cor. 10:5,11
  4. Before the Israelites left Egypt, were they given favor in the eyes of the Egyptians and for what purpose? Ex.12: 36
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