Lesson for June 27, 2020.


Scripture Reading; Isaiah 65:18-25.

Memory Verse: Revelation 20:6.

  1. What did the prophet Isaiah say about the reign of Jesus? Isaiah 9:6,7.
  2. What did the angel say unto Mary about the reign, while announcing the birth of the Christ Child? Luke 1:31-33.
  3. What did Peter say about the reign of Jesus? Acts 2:29, 30; 2 Peter 1:11, 12.
  4. How long will Jesus reign, and where? Rev. 5:9, 10, 20:4-6; Dan. 7:27; 2:35, 44; 1 Cor. 15:22-28.
  5. Who will live and reign with Christ? Rev. 5:10; 20:4; Matthew 19:27-29; Luke 19:17-19.
  6. Who will be the subjects of this reign? Psalms 2:6-8; Isaiah 66:15-19.
  7. What will happen to all those who will be disobedient in the Kingdom of Christ? Psa. 2:9; Rev. 2:26, 27; 19:11-15.
  8. Who will attack Jesus and those who live and reign with Him? Revelation 17:11-15; 19:19.
  9. What will happen to the beast and his army at this time? Revelation 19:21.
  10. Where will the devil be during the reign of Christ? Revelation 20:1-3.
  11. What will be the condition of the animals during this time? Isaiah 65:25; 11:4-9.
  12. What happens to the devil when the reign of Jesus comes to a close? Revelation 20:7.
  13. What will he immediately do? Revelation 20:8,9.

Note: We see that as soon as the devil is loosed out of his prison that he commences his deceptive work upon the nations. These are the people which were left when Jesus came (Zec. 14:16,17), who have lived and multiplied during the thousand years. (Isa. 65:20-25). Some have failed to obey the Lord (Zec. 14:17-19), therefore the devil is loosed to deceive them, that they might all be destroyed.

  1. What happens to the devil at this time? Rev. 20:10.
  2. What happens when all enemies are destroyed? 1 Corinthians 15:24,25.
  3. Will the sea still be in existence when Jesus reigns? Psalms 72:8.
  4. Will there be any more sea once the reign of Christ is completed and He gives the reign over to the Father, and the City of God comes down? Revelation 21:1-4.

NOTE: BL Q3 2020 can be downloaded here.

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