Lesson for March 25, 2023


Scripture reading: Revelation 20:1-6; Isaiah 11:1-9

Memory verse: Luke 12:32

  1. How long are the heavens going to retain our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? Acts 3:20, 21

Note. The “ Times of Restitution” does not mean a time of Annihilation of every living thing, but a universal restoring of the world back to the Eden Paradise; it was before man sinned. Genesis 8:21

  1. When our Lord returns what will He bring with him? Rev. 22:12; Isaiah 62:11.
  2. How long will this righteous Kingdom continues? Dan. 7:13, 14
  3. Where will this Kingdom be located and to whom will it be given? Daniel 7:27
  4. To what is this “Daughter of Zion” compared? Jeremiah 6:2; Rev. 19:7, 8
  5. Where is this woman, a figure of the true church, more definitely described? Rev. 12:1
  6. What is said concerning the faith of this Remnant church? Rev. 12:17.
  7. To what place will the Lord come when He returns to the earth? Zech. 14:4
  8. Who will be King of the whole world at this time and afterwards? Zach. 14:9; Rev. 11:15.
  9. What is further said about the Headquarters of His Kingdom? Will there be an increase of peace at this time? Psalms 110:1-6; Isaiah 9:6, 7.
  10. For how long a time will the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ reign as King? Rev.20:4
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