Lesson for March 6, 2021


Scripture Reading: Matthew 27:11-37.

Memory Verse: Isaiah 53:8.

  1. What did Paul say about the death and resurrection of Jesus? 1 Corinthians 15:3, 4.
  2. Did Jesus tell His disciples that He would be crucified? Matthew 16:21; 17:22, 23.
  3. Who were the people that condemned the Lord Jesus? Mark 10:32-34.
  4. What did certain individuals in the mob say when Pilate offered to turn Jesus over to them for judgment? John 18:31; John 19:7.
  5. At what hour did Jesus die? Matthew 27:45, 46, 50.
  6. At what time of day was His Body placed in the tomb? Matthew 27:57-60.
  7. What is the meaning of the word ‘even’ in the Bible? Deuteronomy 16:6; 2 Chronicles 18:34; Mark 1:32.
  8. What did Daniel say would happen to Jerusalem following the crucifixion of Christ Jesus? Daniel 9:26.

Note: It is a well known fact of history that Titus the Roman general besieged Jerusalem from 66-70 A.D. and the city with the Temple was destroyed.

  1. Our beloved Saviour gave us an example of sacrifice and even death to save others for the Kingdom. Are we commanded to make any sacrifice of our lives and our means in order to help save others? Romans 12:1.
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