Lesson for May 11, 2019


Scripture reading: Matthew 15:1 -20.

Memory verse: Matthew 15:9.

  1. After the feeding of the multitudes, who came to Jesus? Matthew 15:1.
  2. What accusation did they lay against His disciples? Matthew 12:1, 2.
  3. What counter charge did Jesus make against them? Verse 3
  4. On what reason did Jesus base His charge? How did this affect their obligations to the commands of God? Verses 4-6.
  5. By what term did Jesus denounce them? Matthew 15:7.
  6. How did Isaiah describe this class? Verse 8.
  7. What did Jesus say about this kind of worship? Verse 9.
  8. Whose attention did He now invite? Verse 10.
  9. What did Jesus say defiles a man? Verse 11.
  10. Who did this offend? Verse 12.
  11. To what were these Pharisees likened? What did He say would be their end? Verse 14.
  12. What desire did Peter express? Verse 15.
  13. What did his question reveal? Verse 16,
  14. How did Jesus explain? Verses 17, 18.
  15. What defilement proceeds from a man’s heart? Verses 19, 20.
  16. Though the Pharisees have erred in this matter, what two-fold cleansing is recommended by Paul? 2 Corinthians 7:1 (first part).
  17. What should be the object of such cleansing? Verse 1 (last part).
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