Lesson for May 4, 2019


Scripture reading: John 15:1-19,

Memory verse: John 15:5.

  1. What was the special mission of our Lord Jesus in coming down to earth? Luke 19:10:
  2. In what attitude did Jesus say we were to consider our enemies? Matt. 5:44.
  3. When we do good to them that hate and despitefully use us, is this not a sign of our real relation to God? Last part of verses 44, 45.
  4. If we only love them that love us, are we really different from the world? Verse 47.
  5. Should we hold malice, hatred, or envy, in our hearts towards even our worst enemies? Matt. 6.14, 15.
  6. Did Jesus even wait until His enemies came and asked forgiveness, before He prayed and asked the Father in Heaven to forgive them? Luke 23:34.
  7. What did Jesus teach regarding laying up treasures on earth? Matt. 6:19.
  8. While Jesus was living His life of a missionary, and thus laying up treasures in Heaven, where did He instruct His followers to place their treasures? Matt. 6:20.
  9. What reason did He give for this? Verse 21.
  10. What did Jesus say of the fruit each tree of His planting should yield? Matt. 7:17, 19.
  11. What class of people will be considered eligible to enter the kingdom of the Lord? Verse 21.
  12. What did Jesus consider the great mission was of doing the will of His Father in Heaven? John 4:34.
  13. What was it to which He had reference, in finishing His work? Verse 35.

Note. — Jesus being our example, and the Holy Ghost is repeatedly admonishing each child of God to follow in His steps, is it not true that everyone should be eager to help in finishing this great work, which is still in progress? We can all be missionaries in paying our tithes to publish the message of salvation.

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