Lesson for April 27, 2019


Scripture reading: Genesis 49th Chapter.

Memory verse: Genesis 49:10.

  1. With whom did the Lord originally make His covenant reestablished? Genesis 17:10.
  2. Of Abram’s several sons, with which one was the covenant reestablished? Genesis 26:24.
  3. Whom did Isaac worship? Genesis 26:25.
  4. With what words did the Lord reaffirm His Abrahamic covenant unto Isaac? Genesis 26:3, 4.
  5. Why did God reaffirm the covenant unto Isaac? Genesis 26:5.
  6. Isaac had two sons, which one was the seed of promise? Romans 9:10-14.
  7. With what words did the Lord reaffirm the covenant with Jacob? Genesis 28:13-15; 35:9-12.
  8. How many sons were born unto Jacob? Genesis 35:22.
  9. Jacobs blessings upon his twelve sons were concerning events of what time period? Genesis 49:1.

Note. – The promises transferred from Abram, to Isaac, to Jacob, are here divided among the twelve sons, with Judah and Joseph receiving the chief promises.

  1. The Law giver and ruler (King) was to come from which tribe? Genesis 49:9, 10.
  2. What are the specific promises in the Abrahamic covenant? 22:17, 18.
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