Lesson for April 20, 2019


Scripture reading: Isaiah 53:1-12.

Memory verse: 1Timothy 1:15.

  1. Why did Jesus come into this world? 1Timothy 1:15.
  2. What prompted our Heavenly Father to permit His own Son to die for sinful men? 1 John 4:9, 10; Romans 5:8.
  3. Did Christ Jesus know beforehand that He would be hated and despised, and finally crucified? Luke 18:31-33.
  4. Jesus knew all that would befall Him, and how He would suffer and be crucified. How willing was He to go through all of this agony, shame and suffering? Luke 22:41, 42; Matthew 16: 21-23; 26:37-39.
  5. How great was the agony of His soul and what caused Him added grief? Luke 22:44, 47, 48.
  6. What act of Peter caused the Saviour additional sufferings? Luke 22:59-61.
  7. What reproachful things were done to Him at the high priest’s house? Luke 22:63, 64.
  8. What cruelty did Pilate inflict upon Him? John 19:1-3.
  9. What shameful treatment did He receive from the Roman soldiers? Matthew 27:29, 30, 34, 41, 42.
  10. What wonderful prayer did He utter for His tormentors while He hung on the cross? Luke 23:34.
  11. Was it necessary for Christ to suffer thus? Hebrews 2:10.
  12. In following the example of Christ’s suffering, what challenge are we given? Romans 8:31, 32.
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