Lesson for May 18, 2024


Scripture Reading: Matthew 16:1-20.

Memory Verse: Matthew 16:17.

  1. Which two classes came to Jesus? What was their purpose in asking for a sign? Matthew 16:1.
  2. What was the answer Jesus gave? What may we learn from the way He answered? Matthew 16:2, 3.
  3. In what words did Jesus expose the condition of their hearts? What was the only sign they could expect? Matthew 16:4.

Note: The signs and wonders that our Savior did, did not appeal to their carnal mind. They wanted something spectacular, something to exhibit the natural man. Jesus could not satisfy them in this, but pointed them to the sign of Jonah [also in Matthew 12:40.]

  1. What did the disciples discover at this time? Matthew 16:5.
  2. What warning did the Lord give them? Matthew 16:6.
  3. How did the disciples interpret this warning? Matthew 16:7.
  4. In upbraiding them for their lack of faith, of what did He remind them? Matthew 16:8-11.
  5. After Jesus spoke, what did the disciples then realize? Matthew 16:12.
  6. What potent question did Jesus ask His disciples at Philippi? Matthew 16:13.
  7. How many replies did He get? What were they? Matthew 16:14.
  8. What direct answer did He demand of them? Matthew 16:15.
  9. What affirmation did Peter give? Matthew 16:16.
  10. How did the Savior regard this answer? Who was the author of this revelation? Matthew 16:17.
  11. On the basis of this revelation [and Peter’s confession], what did Jesus say to Peter? What guarantee did He give him? Matthew 16:18.
  12. Great consolation was given to us in the spiritual representation of the Kingdom Keys. How effective would be the use of these keys? Matthew 16:19.
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