Lesson for May 20, 2023


Scripture reading: Philippians 2:1-28.

Memory verse: Philippians 2:15.

Note. This wonderful chapter teaches us how to get along with others in true harmony and happiness. Note these words: “If there be any consolation in Christ, if comfort of love, if fellowship of the Spirit”, etc.

  1. What four things are necessary to attain this unity as given in Philippians 2:2?
  2. Instead of working through strife and vain glory, how should we perform our works? Verse 3.

Note. How beautiful are the words, “in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than themselves.”! If we consistently follow this excellent advice, there can be no strife. How could there be?

  1. What marvelous attainment will result from this practice? Verses 4, 5.
  2. Did Christ Jesus exalt Himself in any, manner? Verse 8.
  3. What followed His great humility? Verses 9-11.
  4. If we can be blameless in our dealings with one another, what will result in our cases? Verses 14, 15.
  5. What happy state existed among the Brethren in the days of Paul? Verses 18-20.
  6. What similar admonitions are given in Colossians 3:11-17?
  7. When Christ dwells within us by the Holy Spirit, what is always the result? John 15:4, 5.
  8. If we do not sacrifice to win souls for the Kingdom of God, what is always the result? Verse 6.
  9. Will soul winning increase our power with God in answered prayer? Verses 7, 8, 16.
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