Lesson for May 22, 2021


Scripture reading: Romans 6

Memory verse: Romans 6:6

  1. When the Ethiopian Eunuch asked to be baptized, how did Philip reply? Acts 8:37
  2. What is the significance of Baptism? Romans 6:3, 4
  3. Does the act of being buried in the water signify the washing away of sins, or does it signify the death of the old man? Romans 6:6; 1 Peter 3:21.
  4. What hope is held out to those who are truly dead to sin? Romans 6:5-7
  5. Should sin have any dominion over the baptized one? Rom. 3:7-12
  6. Are they which degrade the body especially to be shunned? Rom. 6:12-16
  7. What things must be put off? Col. 3:8, 9.
  8. Should the new man have a natural hunger for spiritual things? Col.3:1-6
  9. What things must be put on? Col. 3:10-15
  10. If we want a perfect bond to exist between us and heaven, what other grace must be put on? Col. 3:14
  11. What added blessings will then abide? Col. 3:15, 16.
  12. Before our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ascended to heaven, what instructions did He give to the Apostles? Mark 16:14-16
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