Lesson for May 15, 2021


Scripture reading: Matthew 3:1-17

Memory Verse: Romans 5:8

  1. What all important questions was asked by the Philippian jailer? What was the answer? Acts 16:30-31

Note. The implication in the word “believe” are far reaching indeed. One who refuses to live according to the writings given by the Holy Spirit does not believe in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit of God calls for a transformation not a reformation.

  1. On what other occasion was a similar question and answer used? Acts 2:36-38

Note. Here Peter places baptism on equality with repentance. Some today are advocating to no baptism at all. Are they lead by the Holy Spirit, or was Peter in error on the day of Pentecost? One who really believes in the teaching and the example Christ set will follow the Lord in Baptism.

  1. Before accepting Christ, in what must we first have faith and knowledge? John 5;39-47, Luke 24:25-27
  2. What is true repentance? Eze. 18:29-32
  3. How will the true repentance effect the thief? Eph. 4:28. The adulteress? John 8:11. The liar? Eph. 4:25. Idol Worship in any form?1 John 5:21
  4. With what message did John the Baptist and Jesus begin their public Ministry? Matt 3:1,2; 4:17
  5. Who alone is responsible for our repentance? Rom. 2:4; 2 Tim. 2:25
  6. Who made the first step to reconcile sinners to God? Rom:5:8
  7. What was the sole purpose for which Christ suffered and died? 1 Peter 3:18
  8. By whose righteousness are we to receive redemption? Rom. 3:22 -24.
  9. What then is excluded from man? Rom: 3.27.

Note. By acceptance of Godliness through Christ all boasting is excluded. All that we accomplish comes by the grace of God. True Christians will not boast of their accomplishments.

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