Lesson for May 8, 2021


Scripture; reading: Isa. chapter 58.

Memory verse: Luke 14:5.

  1. When, and by whom, was the first Sabbath kept? Gen. 2:1-3.
  2. What is commanded regarding the Sabbath day? Ex. 20:8-11.
  3. When does the day begin? Gen. 1:5.
  4. What New Testament proof have we, that it takes both darkness and light to constitute a day? Mark 14:30.
  5. When does evening, or a new day begin? Lev. 23:32.
  6. Till when and for how long should the Sabbath day be kept? Ex. 31:16, 17; Neh. 13:19.
  7. What record proves this practice was followed during Christ sojourn here on earth? Mark 1:21-34.
  8. What did our Saviour do on Sabbath? Luke 4:16; Mark 1:21.
  9. What general command did God give us through a prophet, as to how we shall spend the Sabbath? Isa. 58, 13, 14.
  10. Besides attending religious meetings on the Sabbath, what is permissible? Matt. 12:10-13.
  11. What shall we do with our chores on the Sabbath day? Luke 13:15, 14:5.
  12. What does the Scriptures say concerning the right to work on the Sabbath? If thereby we can save our crops during harvest, should we see them spoiled otherwise? Ex. 34:21, 35:2.
  13. What is said about making long journeys on the Sabbath? Matt. 24:15-20.
  14. When shall our cooking and baking be done, on Friday or Sabbath? Ex. 16:11, 23.
  15. How about going to the store on Sabbath? Ex. 16:27-29.
  16. What did God through Jeremiah say about carrying burdens on the Sabbath day? Jer. 17:21, 22.
  17. What does the Bible say about commercializing on this day? Neh. 13:15-22.

Note. The Sabbath must be kept. No work or business of any kind is permissible. But we must do good on that day. He must be pulled out of the ditch, when he falls therein.

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