Lesson for May 1, 2021


Scripture reading: Isa. 56th chapter.

Memory verse: Isa. 56:2.

  1. With what great event is the Sabbath linked? Gen. 2:1, 2.
  2. What other steps, besides resting are necessary to make the Sabbath? Verse 3.

Note. The Lord rested, and then He blessed and sanc­tified the rest day, thus setting it apart for holy purposes.

  1. What example of Sabbath keeping did the Lord set among Israel after their deliverance? Exodus 16:4, 5, 14, 15.
  2. What were they to do on the sixth day? Verses 22, 23.
  3. How was this double portion preserved? Verse 24.
  4. In what words did Moses stress the reason for this two-fold gathering? Verses 25, 26.
  5. What was the result when the disobedient ones went out to find manna on the Sabbath? Verse 27.
  6. With what words did the Lord reprove them, and what advice did He give them? Verses 28, 29.

Note. Many present day preachers are trying to make the Sabbath Day a shadow that met its fulfillment, at the cross. They “err not knowing the Scriptures”. We observe that the Sabbath, the seventh day, antedates sin. When the Sabbath was made for man (Mark 2:27) the shadows were not in existence, for sin was not yet known. This being so, the seventh day Sabbath cannot be classed in the same category as the shadow Sabbath found in Lev. 23, and elsewhere. The Scriptures show this day to be a memorial of God’s creative work and not a shadow of anything to come.

  1. For whom was the Sabbath made? Mark 2:27.
  2. In the days of Israel who, besides them, were required to keep the Sabbath holy? Isa. 56:3-5.
  3. What special blessings awaited the eunuchs and strangers who kept the Sabbath in those days? Isa. 56:6, 7.
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