Lesson for April 24, 2021


Scripture reading: Matthew 19:16-30.

Memory verse: Matthew 24:20.

  1. When a man came to Jesus and inquired “What must I do?” What did Jesus reply? Matt. 19:16-19.

Note. Notice how Jesus emphasized the keeping of the Holy Commandments of God. Many who are seeking to justify themselves in not keeping the Sabbath say that Jesus mentioned the other commandments here, but made no mention of the Sabbath. They overlook the fact that the entire first four com­mandments were not mentioned here, and we all know that we cannot take the name of the Lord our God in vain, and be guiltless.

  1. When Jesus spoke about the destruction of Jerusalem (which took place in 70 A.D.), did He ask His followers to keep the Sabbath of the Lord our God? Matt. 24:20.
  2. What did Isaiah say that Jesus would do to the law? Isaiah 42:21.
  3. Did Jesus emphasize the law? Matt. 5:17.
  4. On what day of the week did the Holy women rest after the death of Jesus? Luke 23:56.
  5. How long did Jesus say the law would remain? Matt. 5:18.
  6. What day of the week did Jesus say is the Lord’s Day? Mark 2:28.
  7. According to Holy Commandments of God, what day of the week is the Sabbath? Ex. 20:10.
  8. Was the Sabbath made for the Jew or for all men? Mark 2:27.
  9. Often we hear the Sabbath referred to as “that old Jewish Sabbath” — to whom does the Sabbath belong? Neh. 9:14.
  10. When Paul was hundreds of miles away from Jerusalem, away up in Pisidia, was he still keeping the Sabbath, and on what day of the week did he go to church while in this gentile country? Acts 13:14.
  11. When Paul, the apostle of the gentiles (Rom. 11:13) preached Christ, the Jews became angry and left the synagogue; what request did the gentiles make for further meetings? Acts 13:42-44.
  12. On what day of the week did Paul meet for worship when he was in Macedonia? Acts 16:13.
  13. Did Paul also keep the Sabbath when he was with the Christians in Thessalonica? Acts 17:2.
  14. On what day of the week did Paul worship when he was with the brethren at Corinth? Acts 18:4.

Note. Paul was the apostle of the gentiles, and he worked many long years among them. The records in the Bible prove that he was a Sabbath keeper, for he taught the law, as we read in Rom. 3:31: “Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid! Yea, we establish the law.” Also in the 7th chapter he says that the law has dominion over a man as long as he lives.

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