Lesson for May 28, 2022


Scripture Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5.

Memory Verse: John 8:12.

  1. Who is the light of the world? How shall those walk, who follow after the light? John 8:12.
  2. How did Jesus let His light shine? Acts 10:38.
  3. What is said of the cities He visited? Matthew 4:16.
  4. What did Jesus say that His people are? For what purpose do men place lights in dark places? Matthew 5:14,15.
  5. How are the people of the Lord to make use of the light which God has given them? What will others be led to do? Matthew 5:16.
  6. What danger threatens those who do not walk in the light? John 12:35.
  7. How was the apostolic church to be the light of the world? Acts 1:8.
  8. What great commission is given to the Church of God? Mark 16:15.
  9. What great message is to be given to the whole world before Jesus returns? Matthew 24:14; Revelation 14:6.
  10. What does the Lord say to the people who will give such a message? What will be the result of the work done? Isaiah 60:1-5.
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