Lesson for May 21, 2022


Scripture Reading: Matthew 9:1-12.

Memory Verse: Matthew 9:12.

  1. Where did Jesus go? Matthew 9:1.
  2. Who was brought to Him for healing? Instead of healing him, what did Jesus say to him? Matthew 9:2.
  3. Under what circumstances was he brought to Jesus? Mark 2:1-5.
  4. What did the scribes think of Jesus because He forgave this man’s sins? Mark 2:6, 7; Matthew 9:3.
  5. What did Jesus tell them about His authority to forgive sins? Matthew 9:4-6.
  6. How did the multitude regard this healing? Matthew 9:7, 8; Mark 2:12.
  7. Who did Jesus ask to become His follower? Matthew 9:9; Mark 2:14.
  8. In whose house did Jesus sit down at meat? Who sat down along with Him? Mark 2:15; Matthew 9:10.
  9. What criticism did the Pharisees offer because of this? Matthew 9:11.
  10. What did Jesus answer to this objection? Matthew 9:12.
  11. What sickness did Jesus refer to? Matthew 9:13 (last part).
  12. What question did one of John’s disciples now ask Him? Matthew 9:14.
  13. What explanation did Jesus give him? Matthew 9:15.
  14. What illustration did He use in answering him? Matthew 9:16, 17.
  15. What request was put to Jesus at this time? Matthew 9:18.
  16. What did Jesus do? Matthew 9:19, 24, 25.

Note: Christ is able and is always willing to help those who exercise faith in Him, whether they be sinners or saints. He is concerned about our sickness and trouble. Let us put our faith in Him.

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