Lesson for November 26, 2016.


Scripture Reading: Romans 4.

Memory Verse: Romans 4:3.

1. Name four things faith accomplished in Hebrews 11:2-5.

2. What was Noah able to accomplish by faith? What spiritual inheritance was his by this act? Hebrews 11:7.

NOTE: To us this act may seem simple. But the people of that day had never seen rain before and could not naturally believe the theory of a rain that would destroy the world. Noah believed God irrespective of what the practical knowledge was. So should we exercise this same faith in our Creator, trusting fully in Him, through all our present experiences of this life?

3. How does Abraham’s faith effect the nations of the world? Romans 4:11-13.

4. Why was Abraham’s experience written? Romans 4:23,24.

5. What promise of God is now fulfilled in this connection? Genesis 17:5-8.

6. How does the Apostle Paul interpret the term “seed”? Galatians 3:16.

7. Like Abraham, how should we accept the promises of God Romans 4:21; Hebrews 11:6.

8. On what must saving faith be based? Romans 10:17.

9. If we hear the Word and do not do it, to what are we likened? James 1:22-24.

10. What is the secret in receiving the blessings of God, that we all should desire in our work on this earth? James 1:25.


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