Lesson for November 26, 2022


Scripture Reading: Isaiah 62.

Memory Verses: Isaiah 62:6,7.

  1. Because of transgression, what decree did God pronounce against the Jewish nation? Jeremiah 29:18,19.
  2. Would the time come, however, when the Lord would again bring them back to their own land? Jeremiah 32:37.
  3. As the Lord brought evil upon them, did He likewise promise to bless them in the latter days? Jeremiah 32:41-44; Hosea 3:4,5.
  4. What particular reference to day and night did God make as proof that the Jews would be gathered again? Jeremiah 31:35-37.
  5. What does the prophet Joel also affirm regarding Judah’s blessings in the latter days? Joel 3:6,7.
  6. How extensive was to be the final gathering? Isaiah 11:12.
  7. During their dispersion among the Gentiles were they to lose their identity, and thus not be recognized as a people? Isaiah 61:9.
  8. ls the Lord bringing them back into their own land because of their goodness, or is it to vindicate His sure word of prophecy? Ezekiel 36:1-12,21-28.
  9. What will their attitude be towards God in the final re-gathering? Jeremiah 31:6-11,23-28.
  10. How do we know that these prophecies do not refer to the re-gathering of the Jews after their captivity in Babylon? Isaiah 11:11; Jeremiah 16:14-16.
  11. During this re-gathering, were they to repair the ruined cities of a recent period in the past or those laid desolate many ages ago? Isaiah 61:4.

Note. Jerusalem today is a wonderful modern city, which has been built up in the years since the Jews have returned.

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