Lesson for November 30, 2019


Scripture reading: Acts 8:5-25

Memory verse: Joshua 3:5

  1. What is one of the primary purposes of miracles? Ex. 4:5; Num. 16:28 ; Ex. 19:3-4; John 2:23.
  2. What was the purpose of the plagues in Egypt? Ex. 7:5; 9:29
  3. When the manna and the quails fell among Israel, was the Lord magnified? Ex. 16:6, 12-15.
  4. Elijah used a miracle to show to the children of Israel that the Father in Heaven was the true God. — 1 Kings 18:23-24, 37-39.
  5. For what purpose was Jesus’ greatest miracles performed? John 11:41-43.

Note. A miracle is a wonderful thing; an event or effect contrary to the established laws or constitution of nature. God is the Creator of nature and its laws; therefore God also is able to create miracles which are contrary to these laws. By the above questions we have learned that miracles are wrought to edify the creator.

  1. What did Jesus tell the nobleman who came to Him for the healing of his son? John 4:48.
  2. Why did Jesus refer to Lot’s wife when telling of His second coming? Luke 17:26-32.
  3. After the ascension of Christ, was the gift of miracle still prevalent? Acts 3:1-11, 4:9, 10.
  4. Should we continue to praise the Lord and hope for miracles? James 5:15, 16; John 14:12, 13; Mark 16:17, 18.
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