Lesson for October 30, 2021


Scripture Reading: Acts 7:51-60.

Memory Verse: Acts 7:60.

  1. Where do we first read about Stephen and how is he recommended? Acts 6:5.

Note. The story of Stephen is short, but it always has been an inspiration. The first martyr for Christ, his testimony and his death have brought many to the Saviour.

  1. For what ministry were Stephen and his six fellow workers set apart? Was Stephen’s work limited to only that special task for which he was chosen? Acts 6:6-8.
  2. What was the result of his zeal? Acts 6:9-14.
  3. How did he appear in the council? Acts 6:15.
  4. Note his defense, Acts 7:1-53. Time in the class period may not permit the reading of all this text. However, two important points are found in Acts 7:37, 51-53.
  5. What was the reaction to this discourse?  Acts 7:54,
  6. How did Stephen respond to this attitude? What was the outcome? Acts 7:55-60.

Note. Although it is needless to call to your attention the similarity between Christ’s and Stephen’s death, it is worthy of mention. Both trials were farces, both were falsely accused, and both died praying for their murderers. Saul, later known as Paul, entered the picture at this point. (Acts 22:20) Do you think this experience influenced his conversion? Do you think Christ would have chosen Paul had not this experience softened his heart?

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