Lesson for November 6, 2021


Scriptural Reading: Matthew 25:14-46.

Memory Verse: Matthew 25:30.

  1. Where was the Saviour when He spoke the words found in Matthew 25? Matthew 24:3.
  2. How long was this before the Passover when He was crucified? Matthew 26:1, 2.
  3. As He was about to leave this world, to what did He compare Himself? Matthew 25:14.
  4. The Saviour had no earthly possessions only a tender loving compassion for the lost and suffering, and the Spirit of power to save. What distribution of these did He make to His disciples and servants? Matthew 25:14, last part.
  5. Did all servants receive the same, or was there a difference in the distribution of His possessions? Matthew 25:15.

Note. Every servant and disciple is given some work to do and also a share of what the loving Saviour possessed. This same Spirit gives each one a certain compassion and interest in the same work in which the Master was engaged.

  1. What did those do who had received a greater portion of what the Master possessed? Mathew 25:16, 17.
  2. What did the servant do who did not receive as great a portion? Matthew 25:18.
  3. Was it only a short time before the Master was to return, and reckon with His servants? Matthew 25:19.
  4. How long was He to remain in heaven? Acts 3:20, 21.
  5. Did the servants receiving the greater number of talents make good use of them and gain others besides? Matthew 25:20, 22.
  6. Was the reward the same, or different, to the one receiving the five talents, from the one receiving only two? Matthew 25:21, 23.
  7. What was the action, and the reward of the servant who received but one talent? Matthew 25:18, 24, 25, 26.

Note. Millions today profess to be servants of the Master, but their whole life is buried up in land, property, bonds, money, cattle and stocks. Not even the tenth which He requires is used for His glory. These are slothful and unprofitable servants. Like the foolish virgins, and the servants who say: “He delays His coming”, they are to be cast away.

  1. What does the Master say about the unprofitable servants when He comes to reckon with them? Matthew 25:29, 30.
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