Scripture reading: John 15:1-5.

Memory verse: John 15:5.

  1. What did Jesus call those whom He called to work in His vineyard? Matthew 4:19.
  2. Did the Apostles have much success without the Saviour? John 21:3-5.
  3. What did Jesus tell His disciples to do? Did they have success? John 21:6.
  4. Is it possible for missionaries to have any success without the help of the Lord Jesus Christ? John 15:5.
  5. May any Christian be a worker in the vineyard of the Lord? Luke 9:49, 50.
  6. In what condition must the servant of the Lord be? 2 Timothy 2:22-25.
  7. What did Paul say he feared he would find among the Corinthian brethren? 2 Corinthians 12:20.
  8. What is James instruction to the Christians? James 2:17, 18.
  9. What instruction did Paul give? And what example should we set before them? 1Timothy 4:12-16.
  10. What did Peter say we should do? 1 Peter 3:15.
  11. How may we glorify our Heavenly Father? John 15:8.
  12. What does the Lord say to those who see no work to be done? John 4:35, 36.
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