Lesson for September 10, 2016.


Scripture Reading: John 15.

Memory Verse: John 15:8.

  1. Has each faithful servant been assigned something to do? Mark 13:34.
  2. What else has been given to His disciples? Matthew 25:15.
  3. Then what are the disciples also called, to whom work has been assigned? Matthew 25:14.
  4. What happens to each one who fails in his stewardship to bring in some increase for the Kingdom? John 15:2.
  5. Is it necessary to have any definite connection with Heaven, for the abiding presence of the Spirit? John 15:4,5.
  6. What is one special requirement in order for our prayers to be heard and answered? John 15:16.
  7. What will happen to all disciples who live only in their own strength and do not constantly abide in Christ? John 15:6.

NOTE: The power of the gospel which brings conviction to the heart of the sinner, and gives the servant victory over himself, is acquired only through constant contact with the Savior through prayer. To cease praying is like disconnecting the generator wire on your car. Your light will soon grow dim, and finally go out.

  1. What promise is given to those who sow the gospel seed? Psalms 126:5,6.
  2. What promise is made to the soul winner? Proverbs 11:30; Daniel 12:3.
  3. Besides showing sinners the error of their way, and winning them for the Kingdom, what other work are we given to do? Proverbs 19:17; Isaiah 1:17.
  4. What is said of those who stop their ears to the cry of the poor? Proverbs 21:13.
  5. What is declared to be pure religion? James 1:27.


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