Lesson for September 18, 2021


Scripture reading: John 14 12-16

Memory verse: John 16:13.

  1. What is the Holy Spirit and what will the Holy Spirit do? John 14:26
  2. Did the Holy Spirit dwell in to prophets? Psa. 51:11
  3. What did Peter say in regard to the Holy Spirit? 2 Peter 1:20-21
  4. How many right Spirits are there? Eph. 3:4.
  5. How was the Holy Spirit manifested on the day of Pentecost? Acts. 2:1-8.
  6. What did Paul tell the church about the evil Spirit? 1 Tim. 4:1-3.
  7. What did John admonish the Christians to do? 1 John 4:1.
  8. How can we know that we have the right spirit? The Hoy Spirit of God?  Romans 8:16; James 1:26, 27.
  9. Are there other spirits in the world besides the Holy Spirit of God? Isa. 8:19, 20.
  10. How can we know that we are the children of God? Romans 8:9.
  11. How willing is the Heavenly Father to give us the Holy Spirit? Luke 11:10-13.

Note. There is a divine power constantly being broadcast from Heaven’s throne. It is part of the Father Himself, being the precious Holy Spirit; but unless we desire it, hunger and thirst after it, and ask the Father earnestly to give it to us – our life will be void and empty of this power. We will be like the car with the generator disconnected; there will be no light or strength within us. The Holy Spirit is the power that ignites virtues in the soul. It gives us light and noble aspirations. The Father is more willing to give it to all who ask than an earthly father is willing to give food to his hungry children.

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