Lesson for September 23, 2017.


Scripture Reading: Isaiah 61.

Memory Verse: Isaiah 61:9.

  1. What promise was given to mother Eve? Genesis  3:15.
  2. What promise was made to the seed of Abraham, and why? Genesis 22:17,18; Genesis 26:4,5.
  3. How far was the blessing to Abraham to reach, and were others also to be blessed through his seed? Genesis  12:2.
  4. What does the Creator say further about this family? Isaiah 61:3.
  5. Did the Father expect the blessing to spring forth and grow? Isaiah 61:11.
  6. Was Israel always faithful to the trust given them? Jeremiah 2:21, 22.
  7. Did He still call for His chosen seed to return to Him spiritually and repent? Jeremiah 4:1-4.
  8. Did they repent and what was the outcome? Jeremiah 5:11-15; Ezekiel 22:19-22.

NOTE:  This prophecy was tragically fulfilled after the first regathering of Israel, and the building of the second Temple. It was this destruction our Saviour also announced. The Roman general Titus in the year 70 A.D. besieged Jerusalem.

  1. Did He still have a purpose in preserving the seed of Israel? Isaiah 49:8: 48:10-12.
  2. What other promise shows that He is leading Israel, His chosen seed? Isaiah 59:20,21; and Jeremiah 31:35,37.
  3. Did the Lord promise to regather Israel to the Land of Promise the second time? Isaiah 11:11-13.
  4. What did Peter say? According to the Apostle Peter, how were Gentiles to be blessed through this righteous family? Acts 3:22-25.
  5. When the nations come against Jerusalem, who will be dwelling here? Ezekiel 38:16.


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