Lesson for September 16, 2017.


Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:14-46.

Memory Verse: Matthew 25:19.

  1. To what is the kingdom of heaven compared and who is the one going into the far country? Matthew 25:14.

NOTE:  Christ is still calling servants to labor for Him.

  1. What is said about the distribution of talents, or gifts for increasing the fold, and soul winning? Matthew 25:15.
  2. What did the servants do who had received the greatest number of talents? Matthew 25:16,17.
  3. What did the servant do who received the one talent? Matthew 25:18.
  4. What happens after a long time? Matthew 25:19.
  5. What is the reward given to those who make proper use of the talents given, and increasing them for soul winning? Matthew 25: 20-23.
  6. What is the reward given to the servant who buries his talent in the earth, not having any increase in his life for the glory of God? Matthew 25:24-28.
  7. Instead of entering into the kingdom, what will be said to the unprofitable servant who buries his entire life in this old world? Matthew 25:29-30.

            NOTE:  This is what millions are doing today, living entirely for themselves, and buried deeply in all of the crumbling affairs of earth. They seek after money, property, and pleasure, worshipping the dollar only and what it can give to them. A true Israelite is not so. He is developing his talents and living his life for the increase of the kingdom, paying tithe and offerings, as well as living in loving obedience, and separating himself from the world.

  1. In following our Saviour’s steps whose business will concern us the most? Luke 2:49.
  2. Is there not something of far greater value than food for the body and raiment, and what must remain first and foremost in every heart? Luke 12:23-32.
  3. What will always happen to the spiritual life of the unfruitful person who buries his talents, failing to bear fruit? Luke 13:6-9.
  4. What always happens to the one who lays up in store for himself, burying his talent in the earth, and is not rich toward God? Luke 12:16-21.


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