Lesson for September 3, 2022


Scripture reading: Psalms 117.

Memory verse: Psalms 117:1.

  1. Is praise to be a part of the Ministry? I Chronicles 16:4; 23:5.
  2. What example are we given in I Chronicles 23:30 concerning praise?
  3. Is music an acceptable way to praise? II Chronicles 7:6.
  4. Should we praise with our voices? II Chronicles 20:19.
  5. Should we praise with singing? I Chronicles 13:8 read also II Chronicles 20:21.
  6. What strength are we shown through praise in II Chronicles 20:22?
  7. How should we praise and what should we show forth? Psalms 9:1.
  8. Should we praise Him with thanks? Psalms 28:7.
  9. What garment should we put on in connection with praise? Isaiah 61:3.
  10. Who is commanded to praise the Lord? Romans 15:11.

Note: Praise is recorded throughout the Scriptures as a necessary part of serving the Almighty. King David found great strength in praising the Lord. The praises of Israel reached the throne of the Father time after time and many miracles were done as a result. May the Spirit of the Father teach us how to praise so that the whole world will hear and will learn of Him.

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