Lesson March 17, 2018 


Scripture reading: Matthew 13:37-50.

Memory verse: Matthew 13:41. 

  1. What is Jesus called in Revelation 1:5?
  2. When will Jesus take over the Kingdom? Revelation 11:15; 17:14.
  3. How long will the Lord Jesus reign as King of kings and Lord of lords? Revelation 20:6.
  4. What is the object of His reign? 1 Corinthians 15:25.
  5. Who will be reigning along with Him for this 1000 year period? Jude 1:14, 15; Revelation 20:6.
  6. Who will send forth to take of the wicked during this reign of Jesus? Matthew 13:41, 42.
  7. Who will be the first to be cast into the lake of fire? Revelation 19:20.
  8. At the end of this reign of Christ and His saints upon the earth, what will happen to the Devil? Revelation 20:10.
  9. What did Luke say about Christ reigning on the throne of David? Luke 1:32.
  10. Did Isaiah prophesy about this blessed reign of Christ? Isaiah 9:6.
  11. When the Son of man hath put all enemies under His feet, what does He do with the Kingdom? 1 Corinthians 15:24,

Note. — The Son of man reigns for 1000 years, and during this time restores all things. It is at the end of His reign that He gives the Kingdom to the Father. 1 Corinthians 15:24, 25.

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