Lesson for March 24, 2018 


Scripture reading: Psalms 128 and 129.

Memory verse: Psalms 132:13. 

  1. What is said about the prosperity of those who in Jerusalem? Psalms 122:6.
  2. In what place has the Lord promised blessings and life for evermore? Psalms 133:3; 134:3; 128:5.
  3. What was said about not forgetting Jerusalem, and referring it above our chief joys? Psalms 137:5, 6.

Note. — The Jews have always been a very prosperous people, and they have never forgotten Jerusalem. Each year at the close of the Passover, they shake one another’s hands and say, “Next year at Jerusalem”. This has been their practice now for nearly 2000 years in their prolonged exile over the earth.

  1. What was a special prayer of David, and when will this prayer be answered? Psalms 122:7.
  2. What is said about the beauty of the situation of Mount Zion, and of the city located on it? Psalms 48:2, 3.
  3. What promise is given concerning Zion and the cities of Judah? Psalms 69:35, 36.
  4. What is especially said concerning Ephraim and Judah and about establishing Mount Zion forever? Psalms 78:67-69.
  5. Has there been a special time set to remember and favor Zion? Psalms 102:13.
  6. Will the true servants take pleasure in Zion, and even in her stones at this time? Verse
  7. When will this time be, and what great event will the restoration of Zion precede? Verse 16.
  8. For whom, especially, was this prophecy given? Verse 21.
  9. What is further said about deliverance in connection with Mount Zion? Joel 2:31, 32.
  10. At this time, from what place will the name of the Heavenly Father and His praise go forth? Psalms 102:21.
  11. What does Zechariah say concerning Jerusalem and Zion in these days when the Jews are again returning there? Zechariah 8:3-5.
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