This book is dedicated especially to home Bible study. It makes the Bible teaching on all subjects plain and clear, and is arranged irrespective of the creed or discipline of any denomination. A strict adherence to the Bible will be found portrayed throughout this volume, which is the home companion of many families of various religious professions.

All subjects of Bible interest, both practical and prophetical, will be easily found by referring to the index next to the back cover, and instead of giving man’s opinion regarding these sacred matters, about which we are all so much concerned, many of the inspired witnesses of God are allowed to testify by giving the scriptural quotations with book, chapter, and verse. Different phases of these many subject are taken up and the text of scripture clearly setting forth just what God says about the matter is given.

Many people have lost interest in the Bible and very seldom ever read it, because they say it is so hard to understand, but this book furnishes the key, removing this obstacle and allowing the reader to enter into the realm of Bible thought and study, bringing to thousands a blessing which they had not before dreamed was so near.

The arrangement of the subjects following in their order, with the scriptural quotations applying to all questions presented, has been made by a number of Bible scholars for the supreme purpose of placing in the hands of the public a book which would bring to them a spiritual blessing, give them satisfaction and contentment in Bible understanding, paving the way for them to finally enter the haven of eternal rest, the blooming Paradise of God, and with their loved ones enjoy a vast eternity where sin, sorrow, sickness, and death shall never molest and nothing shall make afraid.

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