Lesson for April 21, 2018 


Scripture reading: Mark 13:14-37.

Memory verse: Luke 19:12.

  1. Does the Bible teach the second coming of Christ? Heb. 9:28.
  2. In what way is the second appearing of Jesus spoken of by Titus? Titus 2:12, 13.
  3. What have the angels said about the return of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? Acts 1:11.
  4. What did Jesus say about His return to earth? Matt. 26:64.
  5. Who is the first that we have record of that pro­phesied about the return of Jesus? Jude 14.
  6. Will the return of Jesus be in secret? Matt. 24:21, 30. 

Note. — Here we are plainly told that the return will be as visible as the lighting, and not secret as taught by so many. Let us not put our trust in mere man, but let us believe what the holy divinely inspired Word of God teaches.

  1. Will the wicked who will be alive at the time when Jesus returns, also see Him in the clouds? Rev, 6:16-17; Luke 13:28.
  2. When Jesus returns the second time, will His feet touch this earth? Zec. 14:1-4.
  3. What great authority will He have when He comes to earth the second time? Rev. 19:15-16; Zec. 14:9, Joel 3:12; Isa. 2:4.
  4. What will the Lord do when He returns? Acts 3:19-21.
  5. What great miracle will take place at that time? 1 Cor. 15:22-23; 1 Thess. 4:15-16.
  6. Does the Bible have anything to say as to how long this reign of our Lord and Saviour Jesus will con­tinue? Rev. 20:6; 1 Cor. 15:24-28.
  7. From where will Jesus reign, and on whose throne will He sit? Luke 1:28-32; Psa. 132:11; Acts 2:29, 30.
  8. Will this reign of Jesus be on the earth or in heaven? Rev. 5:9-10.
  9. Will the wicked be made alive at the appearing Of Jesus, or will they remain in their graves until to­wards the end of the reign of Christ Jesus? Rev. 20:4-6.


Note. — We see that the righteous will be resur­rected at the appearing of Jesus, and that they will reign with Him, and be priest and kings. — Rev. 5:10; Luke 19:15-18. The wicked will be  made alive towards the end of this one thousand years’ reign to appear before the great white judgment throne of God, and hear verdict of “depart from me all that work iniquity, for I know you not.” — Rev. 20:15.

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