Lesson for April 3, 2021


Scripture reading: Deut. 4:1-24.

Memory verse: Deut. 4:8.

  1. How is the Word described in Heb. 4:12?
  2. What is the Word called in Heb. 5:12?
  3. What is it called in Rom. 1:1, 2?
  4. What is every Word of God said to be? Prov. 30:5.
  5. What Scriptures did Christ mean when He said, “Search the Scriptures”? John 5:39.
  6. Whose words did Moses write? Ex. 24:4.
  7. Who gave Moses His pattern of the sanctuary? Heb. 8:5.

Note. The Bible is an inspired book. Moses, to whom the Genesis is accredited, could not have given us that history, which was thousands of years before his birth, unless he was inspired by God. He began the work of the Old Testament and Malachi finished it. It covered a period of more than 1,000 years, and was written under various circumstances, yet all is in perfect agreement.

  1. Where did God tell Joshua to keep the book of the law? Josh. 1:8.
  2. How often were they read to the Jews in the New Testament? Acts 15:21.
  3. Who wrote the letter to the Corinthians? 1 Cor. 1:1, 2.
  4. Should we add or take away from the Bible? Rev. 22:18, 19.
  5. What should we always preach? 2 Tim. 4:2.
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