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Lesson for August 18, 2018


Scripture reading: Luke 15:11-24.

Memory verse: Prov. 11:23.

  1. What shows the prodigal’s need for repentance? Luke 15:13.
  2. What has been the condition of all of God’s children? Isa. 53:6.
  3. Verses 17 and 18 of St. Luke tell the three conclusions to which the prodigal son came. What are they?

Note. He realized that in his present condition all that he had to look forward to was certain death; while if he repented and turned to his father, he could at least become as a hired servant who fared better than he had been doing. He resolved therefore to leave the life of sin and separation and return to his father and make a clean confession.

  1. How did his state cause him to become humble? Verses 18 and 19.
  2. But what was the result in this true change of heart? Verses 20-24.
  3. Does the Heavenly Father promise the same for everyone who comes unto Him and confesses their sins and forsakes them? Rev. 21:7; John 8:32.
  4. What are some of the other blessings that Heaven will shower upon those who genuinely repent? Psa. 32:5, 8, 11; John 1:8, 9.

Note. Someone has arrived at the conclusion that repentance involves five steps. At least they can be noted in the repentance of the prodigal son. They are: reflection, resolution, return, restoration, and rejoicing. Certainly the first four steps are well worth the rejoicing that will come through taking them.

  1. Then what is to follow repentance in order to receive the favor and blessings of Heaven? Acts 2:38, 39.
  2. After baptism and receiving of the Holy Spirit, Will our life be fruitful and will we be giving of our life to win people to the way of salvation? 2 Peter 1:8, 9; 1 Cor. 15:58.
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