Lesson for August 22, 2020


Scripture reading: Deut. 30:1-15.

Memory verse: Deut. 30:19.

  1. Did God promise to gather the Jews back to their home­land? Jer. 24:5-7.
  2. What other promise do we have that the Jews will be gathered? Jer. 32:37-44.
  3. Will the ruined cities be built up again? Eze. 36:33, 36; 38:10-12
  4. What does Jeremiah further say about the Jews? Jer. 30:18-21.
  5. Will war continue at this time? Jer. 30:23, 24.
  6. Will the land be planted and houses built again? Amos 9:14, 15.
  7. Their first re-gathering followed the year 457 B.C. Ezra 7. Were they to be gathered the second time? Isa. 11:11, 12.
  8. What did Moses prophesy in regards to the Jewish people? Deut. 30:19, 20.
  9. What will take place after the Jewish people are gathered back to Jerusalem? Joel 3:1, 2; Zech. 14:1-4.
  10. What did God tell the Jewish people He would do for them? Zech. 8:12-15.
  11. Has there been a special SET time for the Lord to favor Zion? Psa. 102:13.
  12. What is said of this set time, and the rebuilding of Zion and the appearing of Jesus? Psa. 102:16.
  13. When the Jews are gathered back, will the Lord set pastors and shepherds in the land to teach them? Jer. 23:3, 4; 3:14, 15.
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