Lesson for December 18, 2021


Scripture reading: 1 Peter 3:12-22.

Memory verse: Gen. 6:8.

  1. What sin is specifically mentioned in Gen. 6:1, 2?
  2. To show His displeasure with the sinful people, what sad announcement did the Lord utter? Gen. 6:3.
  3. How completely were the people involved in sinful liv­ing? Gen. 6:5.
  4. How did God feel towards His creation? Gen. 6:6.
  5. What did God decide to do with this sinful people? Gen. 6:7.
  6. With what was the earth filled? Gen. 6:11-13.
  7. Who alone was faithful to God during this violent age? Gen 6:8.
  8. How did Jesus compare the last days to the days of Noah before the flood? Luke 17:26, 27.

Note. — According to police records, crimes are increasing at an alarming rate. Even though police forces are being in­creased they are unable to cope with the growing number of murders, rapes, thefts and other crimes. The governments are building more jails, and correctional institutions, but yet there is overcrowding. All this is in accord with what the Bible tells us will come to pass in the last days.

  1. What plan did God have for Noah so that he and his family could be spared? Gen. 6:13-21.         
  2. Was there a distinction made between the clean and un­clean animals that went into the ark? Gen. 7:2.
  3. Is it prophesied that all who eat the unclean animals will be judged? Isa. 66:15-17; 65:2, 3-5.
  4. After Noah and his family, along with all the selected animals, were in the ark, how was the door closed? Gen. 7:13-16.
  5. How complete was the destruction? Gen. 7:19-24.
  6. How did Noah show his appreciation to God, for His mercy? Gen. 8:18-21.
  7. What covenant did God establish with Noah? Gen. 7:21, 22; 9:8-16.
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