Lesson for February 12, 2022


Scripture reading: Exodus 9:1-26.

Memory verse: Exodus 9:16.

  1. How did the plagues of the boils affect the magicians? Exodus 9:11.
  2. What was the next plague? Verses 22-25.
  3. What land did not receive the plagues? Verse 26.
  4. What was Pharaoh’s confession? Verse 27.
  5. What did Pharaoh ask of Moses and Aaron? Verse 28.
  6. What happened to Pharaoh again? Verses 34, 35.
  7. What other plagues did the Lord send? Exodus 10:12-15.
  8. What about the heart of Pharaoh now? Verse 20.
  9. What was the next plague? Verses 22, 23.
  10. What did Pharaoh say then, and what is said of his heart? Verses 24-26.
  11. What did Pharaoh say unto Moses? How did Moses reply? Verses 28, 29.
  12. What did the Lord tell Israel, what were they to do? Exodus 11:1-3.

Note. God showed His signs on the magicians also. He allowed them to exhibit their power for some time, then they were stopped, that they might know they were only dust. Yet Pharaoh’s heart was hardened. One of the greatest lessons we may learn from God’s dealings with Pharaoh, is, that God is a God of patience and long suffering. When God’s clock struck the zero hour, He revealed to Moses that He would not see Pharaoh’s face any more. The cup of his iniquity was full. He was now to reap the fruits of his rebellion against God.

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