Lesson for February 5, 2022


Scripture reading: Exodus 8:20-32.

Memory verse: Exodus 8:22.

  1. What admission did the magicians make to Pharaoh? Exodus 8:19.
  2. What was the next plague? Verse 24.
  3. How did this plague affect Pharaoh? Verse 25.
  4. What was Pharaoh’s decision? Verse 28.
  5. Who did Moses call upon? Verse 30.
  6. Did God hear the prayer of Moses? Verse 31.
  7. Did Pharaoh keep his word? Verse 32.
  8. What was God’s message to Pharaoh now? Exodus 9:1.
  9. How would God punish Pharaoh if he refused to obey? Verses 2-5.
  10. What was the result of this plague? Verse 6.
  11. How did God send boils on the Egyptians? Verse 8-10.

Note. All of these plagues which fell upon Egypt were literal. These plagues are the anti-type of the seven last plagues. As God severed the Israelites from the Egyptians during these plagues, no harm came to the Israelites in the land of Goshen; God has a way of escape for His people during the time when the seven last plagues will fall upon the ungodly.

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