Lesson for July 10, 2021

Scripture reading: Matt. 16th chapter

Memory Verse: Matt. 16:26

  1. What warning did Jesus give concerning the false teaching of the Pharisees and Saducees?  Matt. 16:6, 12

Note. The teaching of these two most popular religious sects of that time was corrupted by the false beliefs of heathens about them, very much as the teaching of all the most popular sects of our day.

  1. What was the question that Jesus put before them, the greatest question of the time? Verses 13, 14.
  2. Then what was the direct question He put to the disciples? Verse 15
  3. What was Peter’s confession, by whom had this truth been revealed to him? Verses 16,17

Note. The possession of this knowledge, the savior Himself declared to be the way of eternal life. It was not for any self-glorification.

  1. Upon whom is the church founded? Matt 16:17, 18; Eph. 2:20, 21

Note. Note carefully the language in the foregoing. “Flesh and blood hath not revealed this unto thee, but My Father Which is in Heaven’’, and “thou art Peter, and upon this rock (not upon you), Will I build My church; and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. 

  1. What authority is illustrated by the keys of the kingdom? Matt 16:19.
  2. How are the sinful and offensive members to be handled? Matt 18:11-18

Note. The offender after being admonished according to this first and second admonition is to be treated as a heathen man.

  1. What is said about self denial in relation to our entering into the kingdom? Matt 16:24,25.

Note: “The trial of our faith is more precious than gold”, 1 Peter 1:7. Often firely trials are permitted to burn out the dross of sin. Trials are a part of education in the school of salvation that prepares us for greater affliction, through which we can successfully pass.

  1. In what way does Jesus show us that He Himself and not the world holds the secret of life? Matt 16:26, 27.
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