Lesson for July 3, 2021


The very word “Christian” means “Christ-like.” If we are to be like Christ, we must accept His teachings. The Christian cannot take the attitude of the world regarding the teachings of Christ. He cannot say: “Well, He was a super good man, and what He said is good, but it just doesn’t work in reality.” Or, “It just won’t work for an ordinary person like me.”The true Christian must believe in the reality of Christ’s teachings. He must not only know them, He must live them.

Scripture Reading: Mark 10:17-30.

Memory Verse: Mark 10:21, 22.

  1. For the sake of the kingdom of God, what portion of one’s lot must one give up? Luke 12:33.
  2. What question did a certain man once ask Jesus and what was Christ’s response to him? Mark 10:17-19.
  3. What was the response to Jesus? Vs. 20.
  4. What was the second requirement which Jesus made known? Vs. 21.
  5. Did the man accept the above requirements? Vs. 22.
  6. What is the Christian’s passport into the kingdom of God? Rev. 22:14; 12:17.
  7. What type of teaching did Jesus present to the multi­tudes? Matt. 16:24-26; Luke 14:25-27, 33.
  8. Did all accept Christ’s teaching? John 6:60, 66.
  9. Did some of Jesus’ disciples accept the teachings? John 6:67-68. Compare Matt. 19:27, Luke 5:11.
  10. What was Jesus promises to those of His disciples who endured His teachings? Matt. 19:28, 29; Luke 18:29, 30.
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