Lesson for June 10, 2017


Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 33:1-29.

Memory Verse: Ezekiel 33:6.

  1. What does the Lord say about warning the disobedient ones that His wrath come not upon His people? 2 Chronicles 19:9,10.
  2. If  God’s servants do not speak to warn the wicked, and they be taken away in their iniquity, what will be the consequence? Ezekiel 33:6.
  3. When the warning has been given, but not heeded, and the wicked continue in wickedness and perish, what will be the result? Ezekiel 33:9.
  4. What will be the consequence of not heeding the message and coming out of Babylon? Revelation 18:4 last part. Compare also Revelation 14:10 first part.
  5. The Third Angel’s Message is a special warning against receiving the mark of the beast. What will be the consequences of rejecting the message? Revelation 14:10.
  6. How many angels pour out the plagues, and over how much territory do they extend? Revelation 16:1.
  7. The first plague shall be poured out on which people, and what was its nature? Revelation 16:2.
  8. What is the nature of the second, third, fourth , and fifth, plagues? Revelation 16:3,4,8,9,10.
  9. What of the final consequence of the sixth and seventh plagues? Revelation 16:12-21.


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