Lesson for June 3, 2017


Scripture Reading: Hebrews 11:1-13.

Memory Verse: Galatians 3:9.

NOTE:  Many Christians today have asked the question, is it by our faith or by our works that we are saved? The lesson today will show that faith should not be without works neither should works be without faith. But let us not confuse works or faith  with the everlasting grace of the Father which we find only through His only begotten Son.

  1. What should we do with the talents God gives us? Matthew 25:15,16.
  2. What are the rewards of the faithful? Matthew 25:21.
  3. What are the rewards of the unfaithful? Matthew 25:28-30.
  4. Is the Lord faithful to us? Psalms 119:90; Psalms 143:1; Lamentations 3:23.
  5. What can we learn through the trying of our faith? James 1:3.
  6. Are we able to work miracles by the law or through faith? Galatians 3:5; Acts 6:8.
  7. Are we to be content with our faith in the Lord, or should we seek to do works also? James 2:14,19,22.
  8. Are we to be justified by works or faith only, or should we have both faith and works? Galatians 2:16; James 2:21-24.
  9. Need we only show our faith or should we show our faith by our works? James 2:18,26.


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