Lesson for May 27, 2017


Scripture Reading: Matthew 15:1-20.

Memory Verse: Matthew 15:9.

  1. After the feeding of the multitudes, who came to Jesus? Matthew 15:1.
  2. What accusation did they lay against His disciples? Matthew 15:2.
  3. In answering, what did Jesus ask them? Matthew 15:3.
  4. On what reason did Jesus base this charge? How did this affect their obligations to the commands of God? Matthew 15:4-6.
  5. By what term did Jesus denounce them? Matthew 15:7.
  6. How did Isaiah describe this class? Isaiah 29:13.
  7. What did Jesus say about this kind of worship? Matthew 15:9.
  8. Whose attention did He now invite? Matthew 15:10.
  9. What did Jesus say defiles a man? Matthew 15:11.
  10. Whom did this offend? Matthew 15:12.
  11. To what were these Pharisees likened? What did He say would be their end? Matthew 15:14.
  12. What desire did Peter express? Matthew 15:15.
  13. What did his question reveal? Matthew 15:16.
  14. How did Jesus explain? Matthew 15:17,18.
  15. What defilement proceeds from a man’s heart? Matthew 15:19,20.
  16. Though the Pharisees have erred in this matter, what twofold cleansing is recommended by Paul? See first part of 2 Corinthians 7:1.
  17. What should be the object of such cleansing? 2 Corinthians 7:1 (last part).


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