Lesson for June 4, 2016.


Scripture Reading: Exodus 20:1-21.

Memory Verse: James 2:10,11.

  1. What is sin declared to be? 1 John 3:4.
  2. How were the sins of the people pardoned in ancient times? Leviticus 5:14,15; Leviticus 7:11,37,38.
  3. In case the person was too poor to afford a lamb, then what must they have killed in their place for the atonement of their sin? Leviticus 6:6,7.
  4. When was the great period set aside for Israel to make a complete atonement for the sins committed during the year? Numbers 29:12.
  5. How many animals were sacrificed on the first day to atone for the sin? Numbers 29:13.
  6. How many were killed on each day during this atonement period? Numbers 29:17,20,23,26,29,32,35,36.
  7. Why were these innocent lambs slain and to what did this atonement period point? John 1:29-36 1 Peter 1:19.
  8. Was it the ten commandment law that was abolished and done away or was it this old system of pardon that ended? Hebrews 10:3-12.

NOTE: When we read of the sufferings of our Savior on the cross and behold the agony of His crucifixion, we should be impressed in the very same way that the people looked upon the killing of innocent lambs, as their sacrifice for their sins. It should teach us the horrible consequence of disobeying the great and mighty One, who made the worlds, and created us in His own likeness. We should be made to fully understand that the breaking of this law brought about the death of our beloved Lamb and Savior on the cross, just the same as causing the death of those animals, back then. He shed His blood and gave His life for us to deliver us from the penalty of death, and He did not die to abrogate any law. He says “I came not to destroy the law or the prophets, but to fulfill…”(Matthew 5:17). The prophecies and the laws that His coming and death fulfilled, have ended by limitation. They fulfilled their purpose and ended but were not destroyed.

  1. How was this long promised Messiah, and Savior of Israel, to come into the world? Isaiah 7:14.
  2. Was He to be offered as a lamb, for the sins of the people? Isaiah 3:7,8.

NOTE: The Jews today who have come to Israel, are generally very conscious of sin, and fearful of possibly dying before the time of the atonement in the 7th month. They still solemnly celebrate this yearly fast, but not by the killing of the animals as in former days. All Jewish business is suspended in Israel; only the security and emergency systems function.

  1. Are the commandments still binding according to  the New Testament? 1 John 2:1-4, and 5:3, also Revelation 12:17, and 22:14.


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