Lesson for June 5, 2021


Scripture reading: Romans 6.

Memory verse: Romans 6:16.

  1. Why is a change necessary in man’s nature? Rom. 8:7, 8.

Note. To be carnal means to be fleshly or in man’s natural state.

  1. What excellent advice did Hezekiah give the people in his day? 2 Chron. 30:8.
  2. What blessings were to accompany their yielding in this instance? Verse 9.
  3. To what state did Paul liken yielding to God in Romans 6:13?
  4. Does this mean to continue in sin? Verses 14, 15.
  5. Why is it so vitally important that we be yielded to God rather than to the powers of evil? Rom. 6:16; Matt. 6:24.
  6. What will be the results of yielding to God? Rom. 6:11; 1 Pet. 2:24; Heb. 9:14, 15.
  7. What beautiful promise did Christ Jesus give to God? A person no longer strives in himself for righte­ousness, but puts on the righteousness of Christ Jesus. Instead He opens the door and lets Him in. — Rev. 3:20.

Note. This must not be misconstrued, for Christ said to strive to enter in at a strait gate.

  1. If a people try to establish their own righteousness what do they do? Romans 10:1-3.
  2. Do we need to fear that the burden will be too great to bear? Matt. 11:29, 30; 1 Pet. 5:7.
  3. After having found the Lord, and His true way to righteousness, will our lives be profitable to God in soul winning? John. 15:1, 2

Note. By this we can see that it is necessary to be completely surrendered when we come to Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour. — Matt. 11:28, 29.

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