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Lesson for June 9, 2018


Scripture reading: 1 Peter 5:1-11.

Memory verse: 1 Peter 5:6.

  1. What wise admonition did Peter give? 1 Peter 5:5.
  2. What command and accompanying promise did Peter also give? Verse 6.
  3. How can we prove that we are worthy of being called by Him? Eph. 5:1, 2.
  4. What gift which is necessary to salvation does God give to the humble? Prov. 3:34; James 4:6.
  5. With whom does He promise to dwell and to revive? Isa. 57:15.
  6. What are the contrasting results of those who humble, themselves and of those who exalt themselves? Matt 23:12; Prov. 29:23.
  7. What in Proverbs 15:33 is borne out in Esther 7:9, 10, 9:1-5?
  8. Do temporal blessings accompany humility? Prov. 23:4, 5.
  9. Why would Christ not receive the honour of men while he was on earth? John 5:40-44.
  10. Through what means has the Saviour attained greater honour? Phil. 2:7-11.
  11. Why did He take upon Himself such a humble state of poverty? 2 Cor. 8:9.
  12. Where are our treasures to be stored? Matt. 6:20, 21.
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