Lesson for March 2, 2019


Scripture reading: Daniel 4:19-37.

Memory verse: Proverbs 16:19.

  1. What are some of the things Solomon said would come as a result of pride? Proverbs 11:2; 13:10
  2. How are pride and humility contrasted? Proverbs 29:23.
  3. What did David say about pride? Psalms 10:2; 12:3,4; 73:3-6.
  4. What happened to Pharaoh because of his pride? Exodus 5:2; 14:8,28.
  5. What did pride cause King Uzziah to do, and what was the final result? 2 Chronicles 26: 16, 19, 21.
  6. Why was wrath pronounced upon Israel during Hezekiah’s reign? 2 Chronicles 32:24-26.
  7. What lesson of humility did Jesus teach? Luke 14: 7-11.
  8. What exhortation of humility did Paul give? Romans 12:3; 11:18-21.
  9. With whom did the prophet Isaiah say the Holy One would dwell? Isaiah 57:15.
  10. What is necessary for sinners to do in order to become children of God? Matthew 18:3,4; James 4:10.
  11. What act of of humility did Jesus display shortly before His crucifixion? John 13:3-5.
  12. What severe punishment was meted out to King Herod because he did not give God glory? Acts 12:21-23.
  13. What admonition does Jesus give to the proud? Revelation 3:17,18.

Note: It has been said: “The tongue gets us into trouble and pride keeps us there.” Let that not be true of God’s children. May we always remember the words of Solomon “With the lowly there is wisdom.” Proverbs 11:2.

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