Lesson for March 9, 2019


Scripture Reading: James 3rd Chapter

Memory Verse: Psalms 50:23.

  1. How important are our words? St. Matthew 12:37.
  2. From what source do our words come? St. Matthew 12:34, 35.
  3. What was King David’s prayer concerning the meditations of his heart and the words of his mouth? Psalms 19:14.
  4. What does the ninth commandment forbid? Ex. 20:16.
  5. In what way did the Lord God admonish the Children of Israel about the tongue? Leviticus 19:16.
  6. Unto what are the words of a talebearer likened? Proverb 26:21-22; 17:9.
  7. What effect will restraining from tale bearing have upon a strife torn people? Proverbs 26:20.
  8. What did Solomon, the wise man, say about words that are fitly (wisely) spoken? Proverbs 25:11.
  9. How vast is the difference in the speech from the lips which are controlled by the Lord and those which are not? Isaiah 57:19-21.
  10. What is one called who can control his tongue? James 3:2.
  11. Why must Christians be so very careful about their speech? St. Matthew 12:36, 37.
  12. Does the Lord our God know all about words? Psalms 139:4.

Note. — One thing which seems so easy and natural for many people to do is to talk foolishly. There are too many things to say that will amuse people and make them laugh. This is one of the chief enjoyments of worldly people, but Christian have a higher and greater joy than this, and it is out of place for them to make practice of such foolishness.

  1. Along with what other base sins is foolish talking likened? Ephesians 5:3, 4.
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