Lesson for March 16, 2019


Scripture reading: Jeremiah 24.

Memory verse: Jeremiah 24:7.

  1. Of what are the good figs a type? Jer. 24:5-6.
  2. Were the good figs to receive better treatment than the vile ones? Verse 7.
  3. What portion of Judah was represented by the vile figs? Verse 8.
  4. How were the vile figs to be punished, and would any be left? Verse 9 and 10.

Note: From the forgoing scripture it is very plain that there were two different classes of the Jews that into the exile, and promises were different to each class. He is still able to separate the good from the bad, just as was done back there and He is doing the same today.

  1. What class of Jews was to be selected to build the waste cities and do the very work that we see going on here now? Jeremiah 24:1-7.
  2. How many blows were struck in destroying the kingdom of Judah? Ezekiel 21: 25-27. Compare 2 Chronicles 36:15-19.

Note: It is said of the gentile enemies of Israel: “As thou hast done it shall be done into thee.” – Obadiah 1:15; Joel says: “I will return your recompense upon your own head.” – Joel 3:7.

  1. In this destruction of the kingdom of Israel 2,500 years ago, were those represented by the evil figs taken away first or last? Compare Jer. 24:8 with 2 Chronicles 36:11,12,16.

Note: Zedekiah and his princes were the evil figs, and they were left, while the good figs were removed, just as it is going to be in the end, the good will be taken first.

  1. When were the good figs, including Daniel and his companions, and many others taken away? Daniel 1:1-6.

Note: They were removed with King Jehoiakim and not left at Jerusalem when the terrible destruction came in which men, women and children were given to the sword alike.

  1. What especially is said of Daniel concerning his conduct and diet? Daniel 1:7-8.
  2. Before the great destruction of the wicked at the end of the gentile period, will the righteous be gathered first? Revelation 14:18.
  3. After the cluster of the fruit is gathered then what happens to the wicked compared to the vine of the earth? Verse 19 and 20.
  4. Where are we told the righteous will be, who have the victory over the beast and his image, when the plagues fall? Revelation 15:1-6.

Note: Notice particularly that verse 5 says: “After this”, that is, after the saints were seen in this place which appeared like a sea of glass to the prophet, he saw the angels come forth with the seven last plagues – Verse 6. Notice also that the battle of Armageddon comes at the time of the 6th plague. – Rev 16:12-15. Hence the righteous are seen assembled somewhere in deliverance from these plagues. Nothing is said where this place is, neither does it say they were caught up as we hear it so often quoted.

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