Lesson for March 26, 2022


Scripture reading: Matthew 15:21-39.

Memory verse: Matthew 15:28.

  1. To what place did Jesus go? Matthew 15:21.
  2. Who came to Him? With what request did she come? Verse 22.
  3. How did Jesus treat her request? What was the attitude of His disciples? Verse 23.
  4. What did Jesus say? Verse 24.
  5. When the woman heard this, what did she do? Verse 25.
  6. What other testing sentence now greeted her ears? Verse 26.
  7. In what spirit did she take this? Verse 27.
  8. What was the result of her faith? Verse 28.

Note. Salvation is for all, but Jesus came to the Jews in keeping with the covenant (Daniel 9:24-27). The Jews were proud of the first place they occupied and did not integrate the knowledge of God to the Gentiles, but segregated them. Jesus used this term simply as a test to the woman: she humbled her­self and in a logical way won the Saviour’s favor and received healing for her daughter. It’s a lesson of humility for us all.

  1. Where did Jesus now go? Verse 29.
  2. What blessing came to the multitude here? Verses 30, 31.

Note. We note that Jesus did not heal some, but all who believed. How strange it is today that many are not healed. We look to ourselves for this lack, not to Christ.

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